Goose game play online

In this goose game you play as a majestic animal in captivity of a sinister human. Since there’s little you can do to escape, your sole purpose as a goose is to make the farmer’s life as difficult as possible: steal his garden shovel, hide away his keys, drop the sandwich he’s been looking forward to eating into the pond. “Are such vengeful acts justified?” - one might ask. The silence of countless forsaken geese will be the answer.

Goose Game video

However, don’t be fooled: your captor will not take these threats lightly. The goose needs to exercise extreme caution, develop lighting-fast reflexes and demonstrate superior wit. Be stealthy, hide in the shadows and take shelter in the bushes or else you will surely be caught red handed. Or should I say red winged? Red beaked? Anyway, whatever you do, don’t get caught or face the farmer’s wrath.

Screenshots of the Goose Game

Jokes aside, this game is addictive, fun and colorful. It’s the world’s first tactical stealth goose simulator featuring some of the most adorable animations you’ll ever see. The control is fluent and there are many ways to achieve your goals by interacting with various objects around you while getting clues about your captor’s routine, which allows you to plan your actions carefully and create chains of events that ultimately lead to the farmer’s demise (or at least mild discomfort).